Medicine Wheel Reading (20 Min)
Medicine Wheel Reading (20 Min)

Medicine Wheel Reading (20 Min)

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CI $22 for a 20-minute session 

In this very specific four-card reading, which follows the four directions of the medicine wheel, we'll reveal hidden influences and that which is deep in the subconscious. In this reading, you'll be given the card information verbatim as that specific information is meant for you to digest and put into action. 

Do you want to know:
What do you need to let go of? What do you need to shed?
What needs to be let go of to allow you to find a new and meaningful story for your life.
What wisdom do you need to acquire?
What is your possible destiny?

The goal? To set you a glow✨ If you weren’t ready for the guidance you wouldn’t be here

Please read before booking: this is unlike the free flow sessions, you will not be able to ask any specific questions and the cards pulled are limited to the four that you receive. If you are interested in a general reading, please book the Free Flow for 30 minutes. 


Sessions are conducted via Zoom.
Once you book your session, I will email you the session details with a Zoom call link. Please ensure you have downloaded and opened zoom before our session to avoid technical difficulties.

Bring yourself and your open mind.
The more open and receptive you are to the information received in your session, the more informative your session will be.

Reschedules will be honored.
Life happens, I understand, so you have the opportunity to reschedule to another available session time or date. There are no refunds on guidance sessions and you may reschedule your session once.

Should be made in advance of the session via local bank transfer to Bank of Butterfield.