Wood & Botswana Agate Necklace

Wood & Botswana Agate Necklace

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Botswana Agate, like many of the agate family of crystals, help us ground and connect to the earth. This mala-inspired necklace features round, smooth Botswana Agate beads and natural thuja wooden beads for a beautiful necklace emitting a calming energy.

Botswana Agate is sometimes referred to as the stone of change and we hope this necklace brings about new beginnings for you. 

Properties of Botswana Agate 

  • associated with the root chakra
  • soothing
  • grounding
  • connection to the earth 
  • enrichment in one's life
  • sensuality

Made with natural Botswana Agate, glass seed bead and natural emperor wood.