Working With Me

I'm always up for collaborating with others by joining retreats, hosting private workshops, or joining you for a special class or private event.


Sound Bath
We let the bowls do all the magic here, I've done sound baths for a conference group of 75, during a yoga class, and even on a paddleboard!

Duration: 15 - 60 Minutes

Meditation and Sound Bath
Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, ground or energize meditation, breathwork, and sound baths are perfect for that as they all work within our bodies to balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

What a typical 1-hour session would look like:

  • Begin by learning what sound healing is and how sound, meditation, and breathwork can benefit your body. 
  • Participate in a group meditation/breathwork session and then let the sound of the crystal alchemy bowls work their magic with a sound bath. 
  • Sessions can end with a discussion and/or with a group reading.

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Women's Circle

Each women's circle can be customized with a theme. Materials are created so each attendee has a takeaway and all information on hand, and we discuss topics in the spirit of a true women's circle. Many circles include a meditation and/or reiki component and end with readings.

Potential Themes:
Full Moon
New Moon
Women's Empowerment
Goddess Circle
Heart Opening

Duration: 90 - 180 minutes

Reiki Circle
This small group practice includes meditation and a mini-reiki session for each attendee.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Please note: there is a maximum of 10 people per reiki circle session.


Base Pricing
This pricing is based on a larger group size, I'm always willing to work with you to meet retreat budgets, so please reach out! 

Sound Bath $12 - $15 per person
Meditation and Sound Bath $15 per person
Women's Circle $15 - $25 per person
Reiki Circle $25 - $30 per person (10 people maximum)


Charitable Events
I have a strong affinity for organizations centered around women's rights and empowerment, at-risk youth, mental health, hospice and animals.

If you would like to discuss working with me for a charitable cause, the chances are, I'll say absolutely yes - please contact me :)