About Aglow

Meet Erika

I'm a reiki practitioner, jewelry maker, realistic meditator, oracle card reader, moon gazer, crystal lover, and curious learner.



In need of a creative outlet, I began making jewelry in 2017 and over the past three years Aglow has evolved. My jewelry followed me on my path of awakening becoming spiritual tools of their own. Each piece is infused with deep intention and made by hand. When they’ve made their way to you, each creation has been cleansed and meditated over.

My jewelry wasn’t the only thing that evolved, I grew and changed too. I started diving deeper into yoga, chakras, crystals and meditation. I started making an effort to live more consciously even taking a Saturday job at a crystal and wellness shop (as if my 9 to 5 and jewelry making wasn’t enough), I was called to be there. In 2018, I left my corporate job to take on the position of Marketing Manager and Content Creator for the brand the crystal shop belonged to.

I was in my element, and met people who have been an integral support system on this journey. Crystals and being in a more customer facing role, taught me and continue to teach me a lot about vibration and energy, and the effect it has on all of us. I took that love of crystals and energy and decided to make more of what I do be about the subtle body - our auras, chakras, meridians and the layers of our bodies that surpass the physical.

My spiritual awakening came seemingly out of no where with a force that I am now thankful I is over. It was difficult and it was messy but without a doubt prepared me for where I am going.  There is no hard stop after you wake up, you have to keep going.

In 2019, my jewelry, website and all other aspect of aglow started seeing humbling success. I started using my heightened intuition to read oracle cards, made a big investment on an alchemy crystal singing bowl, meditated in front of a crowd at a conference embracing women of colour, passed a subtle body anatomy certification with distinction, and completed my Reiki I certification, with Reiki II following a few months later in early 2020.

This path sometimes seems like a roller coaster - even to me - but all these element combine and continue to allow me to use this gift to help and guide others.

I don’t know where my work will take me but I hope it provides me with opportunities to empower women by helping them to heal from trauma, free their emotional and mental bodies, allowing their physical body to thrive as they step into their power.



2017 - Aglow was born.

2018 - With a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations I now use my marketing skills at a total mind, body and soul wellness shop, where I am the purchaser for many of the items including crystals and minerals.

2018/2019 - Subtle Body Anatomy Diploma, received with distinction

2019 - Reiki I Certification, St. Petersburg, FL

2020 - Reiki II Certification, Santa Fe, NM

2020 - Level I Akashic Records Certified 

2021 - Meditation Teacher Diploma, received with distinction with a focus in Sound Therapy



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