Glow Guidance Session Info

Through the use of oracle cards in a customized intuitive session we will connect with your angels, ancestors and guides to provide you with an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and gain the guidance you need.



You have two things to do prior to your session;

  • Determine what you want your guidance on, feel free to prepare a question or two or don't, sometimes a relaxed free flowing session works best!
    • If you chose a session with a set layout (you don't have to worry about questions)
  • Come with an open mind. 



Your questions, if you have them, should be bigger picture;

What needs to heal so I can move through this? 

How can I better invest my energy? 

What part of myself am I ready to shed? 

How can I gain clarity in this situation and move forward? What can I better honor myself?


Avoid questions that require yes or no answers. Think about questions that help to reveal in broader detail the energy of a situations or what your soul would want you to know. Yes or no questions take your power away and you have all the power - and you hold all of the power.



Sessions are conducted over a video call from my personal Aglow space. You will not have any less of an experience or receive less guidance or clarity by conducting your session this way.


Inner work often seems daunting and even at times, scary but if you weren’t ready for the guidance you wouldn’t be here. Remember that!


Let’s get ready to set you aglow✨