Worthy AF

I’ve just come from a lovely flow + meditation class so I’m blissed out and highly meditated [read: riding the love train like your drunk friend giving out hugs in the club] and I just want to say, even if you don’t feel it or see it or think it; you are worthy as fuck. 

In fact, you are more than worthy, you are infinitely invaluable and one-hundred and ten percent irreplaceable. Your worth cannot, I repeat, for the women in the back, C A N N O T,  be measured. 

If you have to affix a post-it note to your bathroom mirror do it. If you have to complete the eye-contact-post-shower-self-love-body-appreciation ritual from Vanessa Cuccia’s Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure book, do it. If you need to psych yourself up Dwight Schrute style, for the love of all that is good, do. it. 

I’m talking to the women who don’t think they are good enough or pretty enough or worthy enough in their career, for their partner, to wear that outfit, to be in that circle, to have that life, to have that job title. Those who don’t feel worthy as a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an artist, a healer, a lightworker. Sit down, shut up, and know that you are worthy of everything you are and have and everything you are going to be. The universe doesn’t make mistakes. 

We all have to stand up.
I know, I just told you to sit down, but that was for dramatic effect. 
Step out.
And begin to see ourselves as worthy AF. 

Find the source of your worthlessness, have tea, talk it out and send it on its way because it no longer serves you. 

You are worthy, please don’t ever forget that. If you do, re-read this post. 


|| Blog Musings || 

I do the aforementioned body appreciation ritual post-bedtime shower and it does make me feel worthy as fuck. So I am totally recommending that out of my own experience. 

When I wrote this post furiously and late at night, I woke up the next morning and asked the question on my Instagram stories, what women felt unworthy of/about and my heart ached at the raw realness in the responses that came in. Many women didn’t feel worthy as mothers, others in their careers and others in their own; their ability to be just themselves without having a title placed on it, they didn’t feel worthy of their individuality. 

Continue the dialogue and drop it in the comments below <3 

Here is a link to the book I reference above: 
Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure: Awaken Your Sensual Energy Using Crystals and Healing Rituals, One Chakra at a Time.


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