Don't Dim to Fit In

As I continue down the path of empowerment and awakening of goddess energy I feel this struggle within myself and see this struggle within other women. We are consistently dimming our light to fit in. 


Dimming to not appear too bossy. 
Or too loud. 
Or too emotional. 
Or too much, whatever the fuck that means.

We dim on command, on autopilot and we shouldn’t. If your light is something amazing, powerful, kind and necessary in today’s world, don’t dim to fit in. 

Don’t make yourself small to make others comfortable. 
Don’t shy away when you want to speak out. 
Don’t hide your emotions because someone with no capacity for emotions cannot handle yours. I recently read that everything you feel is holy, honor that.  
Don’t worry about being too much. The people you are too much for are not your people. 

Ladies and gentlemen ask yourself how are you dimming your light to fit in? Then ask why you are dimming your light, for who, in what situations? But more importantly, how can you stop dimming your light to fit in?

The Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell is by far my favorite deck to work with. Every card pull resonates with me, every message is on point. Whether or not you have a daily practice, I'd highly recommend these cards. 


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