BLM, A Love Letter to My Clients and Spiritual Privilege

I have been closely, at times too closely for my mental health, watching the Black Lives Movement progress and unfold in the United States and globally.  

I've watched as businesses send emails and make social media posts in support of BLM. I've taken notes. I've made my judgments on who I think is being disingenuous or not. I've heard the deafening silence of other businesses.

I follow and support a number of Black-Owned businesses and they all have a similar message. We've been living this life since day one. 

I didn't think anything needed to be said, because Aglow is #BlackOwned. I am of Afro-Caribbean heritage and I am proud of that.  

But I do have a message:

For my clients, I appreciate you all beyond words and I know without any doubts that my success in this space is because on you all. Thank you for trusting me. I hope that you always feel like Aglow and myself are as inclusive as I want to be and welcoming to all persons regardless of race, age, religion, sexual preference or orientation or the color of your skin. My clients and work are representative of this and I always want it to remain this way. 

For fellow intuitives and lightworkers, I want to make one thing very clear, I do not believe that spiritual work and racism can live in the same space and it should not. If there is introspection that needs to be done on your part, do it. Listen, educate yourself, and grow. I have witnessed too many "spiritual influencers" bypass this issue and again it has been noted.  

If you are not a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Colour) in this lifetime, and even if you are. It is important that we honor and show great appreciation and respect for those who came before us and paved the way for us to do the kind of work we do. So many people, specifically those who were BIPOC have been persecuted and murdered for their spiritual beliefs and practices and we are here in 2020 out in the open doing them. That is a privilege. 

Learn the background and appropriate usage of so many of the rituals and practices we do. Honor the cultures and people who did them before you and still do them today. 


Much love everyone. 
This is not the time to remain silent. 
This is the time to begin dismantling the thought patterns, beliefs, and system that was no longer serving us. 
That is what 2020 is showing us. 
Unquestionably, Black Lives Matters to me, today, tomorrow and always. 

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